Paradise Lost….

March 12, 2014

The softest, whitest sand, the clearest bluest sea – it’s safe to say the Maldives are truly a land of sunny superlatives. I spent a fabulous five days barefoot and breathless at the stunning array of turtles, dolphins, sharks….and colourful cocktails. You can just about see me on what has to be the world’s most perfect sun-lounger in the photo above.

But now I’ve shaken the last of the sand out of my stilettos (well I had to take one pair) it’s firmly back to the very important business of being THE bitch. I’ve been ever-so-generous since my return with extra large helpings of discipline, pain and humiliation for all my lucky slaves.

As if all this wasn’t enough to keep me out of trouble there is also the small matter of another dream of mine coming to fruition. Those of you who’ve known me for the past few years have been kept informed of my long and perilous attempt to get my Louboutins on the London property ladder.

Well my key-ring (already rather heavy with keys to all sorts of deviant locks and devices) has a brand new addition. And I am very proud to announce that Holland Park has a new resident Dominatrix.

But more on that later….

Paradise Found….

February 20, 2014

I will be away from my dungeon from 24th February until March 3rd. I won’t be available on my phone… no change there then! I will of course answer all worthy emails upon my return.

And just in case you’re wondering…yes I am heading somewhere extraordinarily enviable. This time next week I will have sun-kissed skin and an enviable view of an azure sky dissolving into a crystal clear sea.

But I won’t leave you with the image of my golden form stretched out on the sand, sporting a rather fetching bikini….that would be exceptionally cruel wouldn’t it? And I won’t promise that I might post of picture of such a dazzling sight either, this could inspire an obsessive-compulsive blog checking disorder couldn’t it?

Well you know what they say: ‘You can take the Dominatrix out of the dungeon, but you can’t take the dungeon out of the Dominatrix.’

My whip might be staying at home, but my sadistic sensibilities certainly won’t be. Talk about excess baggage. Paradise here we come!

A Valentine’s Card to Make You Ha….

February 14, 2014


Love Mistress Alice x

On the Couch….

February 10, 2014

‘Come in.

‘Do take a seat.

‘Now what exactly seems to be the trouble?’

‘Recurrent thoughts and compulsions. An ache. An itch. A glitch. The burning desire to surrender yourself, to submit to a superior?

‘Well this isn’t entirely unusual. In fact I’ve come across countless similar cases to yours over the course of my career.’

‘But you can’t think of anything else? Constant urges creep into your consciousness crowding your day-to-day existence?

‘Hmm. Oh dear. This does sound like a particularly serious situation indeed. Well I do have some answers, not exactly a cure you understand but some methods which can help alleviate and manage your symptoms. I should warn you, they’re somewhat unorthodox but if you put yourself in my capable hands I’m positive I can help.’

‘You’ll try anything, everything you say? Well you’re obviously open-minded, that will definitely be a beneficial mind-set, particularly when I need to push you way past your limits.

‘Now lie back, take a deep breath and let me begin…..’

N.B. I recommend you return to my office/news page on February 14h when I will be dishing out a very special prescription guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

Monday’s Mistress is full of…..

February 3, 2014


If there’s one fairly reliable truth about life it’s that Mondays are supposed to be painful…the most painful day of the week in fact. Five working days stretch ahead like a highway full of freezing fog. The ghost of weekend indulgence still haunts your sluggish brain and what felt like a breeze on Friday now feels like a hurricane hurtling in your direction.

I’m not talking about my good self of course. For me, Mondays are as giving as every other day, and so am I. Extra generous in fact. Five wonderful days of sadism and suffering stretch ahead like a private race-track, each twist and turn in the road more amusing than the next. As you can tell, the weekend break leaves me dangerously full-throttle…..or so I became aware of today.

‘I think your mood’s extra cruel on a Monday,’ my slave whimpered earlier as I tightened the final strap around his vulnerable form. Anyone might think his nerves were increasing in line with his immobility.

‘Hmm, I don’t know about that,’ I smiled down at him, ‘but I do know that if I take the time to put you in tight bondage then I want to see you struggling and squirming against it.’

My tight leather trousers, thigh-high boots, and curve-kissing corset all disappeared from his view, as I slipped on a leather blindfold, surrounding him in a starless night sky.

Slave fell silent.

One swift turn of a dial and and my mummified toy began to feel the full force of my love for the fresh new week. A toe twisted, followed by the crackle of cling film as electrical current surged through him inside and out.

And that was just the beginning. There was plenty more pain on the horizon before I felt content my slave’s week was off to a flying start. It wasn’t until all his most sensitive spots had been tested and tormented that I felt satisfied his limits had been pushed in the right direction. And I must say he coped admirably.

As for me, well of course I always enjoy myself. I love every day in my dungeon. Who knows, maybe I do mean just a little more business on a Monday. Then again, perhaps my week gains momentum with each merciless minute. I dare you to see for yourself. One word of advice though, if you don’t like electricity, I’d think twice before booking on a Fry-day!

Robot Revolutions and New Year’s Resolutions

January 6, 2014

The year 2014 is upon us. We are all living in the future. Our planet is ruled by robots and interplanetary travel is common- place. Hmm, well not quite (although I have my suspicious about David Cameron). So in the absence of such space-age distractions, it’s once again out with the old and in with the new this January. In keeping with tradition I have kicked off my year with some BDSM-based resolutions.

• Fetish fitness
Of course I am devoted to keeping my perfect size 8 figure in enviable shape but who needs a gym or personal trainer when you’ve got a pathetic slave as a punch bag? A rigorous beating, slapping, kicking and trampling has to be the most fulfilling workout ever. More, more, more.

• Booty calls
Father Christmas/slave s was ever so kind this year, delivering me a delectable pair of black leather knee-high Louboutins. Now I just need to ensure they’re adequately introduced to the delights of domination and worshipped in the way they deserve. I can’t wait to admire the glowing silhouette of their sumptuous soles imprinted on pale flesh. And those spiked heels were surely crafted with a little stabbing and skewering in mind. I’m sure Christian would approve.

• One slave, one hour, three canes
Late last year I was lucky enough to be visited by a slave capable of taking as much as I could possibly give in the CP stakes. After an hour’s full-forced ‘attention,’ my cane collection was as broken as his rear. Two of my favourites were actually reduced to splinters. Sadly there wasn’t enough time to make it a third but it’s never too late to complete my hard-core hat trick. Are you up to the challenge?

• Safety first
My favourite word in the world is ‘Mercy’, especially when screamed or squealed in total desperation by a slave at breaking point. It just so happens to be my safety word too. I really must hear it more this year. Five times a day wouldn’t be too greedy surely?

• A few of my favourite things…
Much as I love, love, love traditional Mistress/slave practices I also like to mix things up. Variety is after all the spice of life, although in my opinion chilli powder is also pretty high on the existential spice scale. I am intent on incorporating a little more of the below into my schedule over the next few months.
• Traditional CP in a domestic setting. Stockings, suspenders, and swishes of my favourite cane. You will be hurt and humbled by a most vindictive, vintage vixen.
• Tickle torture. I grew these long sharp nails for a very good reason. I know exactly which spots will drive you crazy and I won’t stop. Ever.
• Slow, methodical and systematic mind control. Focusing your attention, toying with your mind, reducing you to nothing and reprogramming you from scratch into something worth owning.
• Stable Mistress. Pony play has to be one of my favourite perversions, possibly because I rock a pair of tight jodhpurs like no other. Who wouldn’t want to be my horse, or wayward stable boy?

• World domination
London life keeps me so busy that I don’t often have time to take my cruelty on tour. However due to so many requests to visit Dubai and New York, I have a feeling my passport could be seeing some serious action this year. Watch this space for future travel plans.

More double-Domme sessions, new outfits, new toys, new photos and possibly a new video also feature on my to-do list. I think the above might be more than enough for now though.

So all that remains is to wish all my slaves a very happy and hedonistic New Year. I look forward to you making my resolutions come true and in turn I will ensure your 2014 is a year of decadence, debauchery and depravity.

There’s snow place like home…

December 9, 2013

Rejoice and hallelujah. My long-awaited new pictures are finally here, and just in time for Christmas. I am a most generous Mistress indeed.

Admittedly there has been a delay in uploading them. A delay which I am going to blame on every evil estate agent in London. For the last 6 months, having set my heart on securing the deeds to a Malice Palace mk2, I have been searching for what has felt like the Holy Grail of real estate. Not only is the whole process unnecessarily drawn out, convoluted and time-consuming but of course I am also a rather fussy/discerning customer. I have been asked more than a few times why I am so set on finding what appears to be a property oxymoron – a basement flat with a ceiling over 9ft and enough room to swing a cat (of nine tails).

But as the first snowflake falls from the sky, it looks like I might just have secured a brand new place to play. Keep everything crossed for me. Home might well be where the heart is but a new dungeon is what I desire. And I ALWAYS get what I desire.

Thankfully apart from my obvious frustrations, 2013 has been a wicked (yet whirlwind) year in the Wonderland. Canes have been broken, slaves have been broken and more than a few fantasies have been fixed and fulfilled.

And it’s just as well because my diary is now full for the next two weeks. If you wish to enquire about a session please email me and assuming I think you’re worthy I will put you on my waiting list for 2014….unless you are an estate agent working in central London. I am more than happy to make time to see you, it would be my pleasure entirely.

All that’s left is to wish you a very happy Christmas and an extraordinary New Year.

Latex, leather and love,

Mistress Alice

Out of Dungeon Notice

November 8, 2013

Unfortunately I will be away from my dungeon next week. Normal service/servitude can and will resume the following week (commencing 18th).

On a more positive note, I will be adding some beautiful new photos to my ‘Bitch Next Door’ gallery on December 1st. 22 days and counting…..!

The Enslaving Bite of BDSM….

October 27, 2013

Grab your garlic, shine up your crucifix and stock up on Holy Water (or Jack Daniels) – the dark and devilish heart of the year has cast its shadow upon us once again. But don’t despair, I come with the offer of a little light relief in sinister times. Not only have the clocks kindly bequeathed us an extra hour in bed but the flickering flame in your pumpkin is paving the way for my annual homage to the season of de-sanguination. And I have to say its rather fangtastic.

In fact, I am so pleased with my orthodontically-inspired new photos that I will let them do the talking (or should that be bloodsucking) for themselves. What can I say, I put the vamp in Vampire like no other Mistress.

Check out the rest available in my latex gallery NOW!


The Queen of Halloween x

Out of Dungeon Notice

September 26, 2013

I am now unavailable until Monday 7th October. All worthy emails will be replied to upon my return.

And to keep you out of mischief whilst I’m absent, here’s a little glimpse of my latest DDI advert. I might well be a little biased but I think it ROCKS!!